Donate To the Sick & Injured Dogs

No matter the size, your gifts make a difference for the sick or injured Shelter dogs. We thank you for contributing at whatever level you are able. Here are just a few of the ways your donation will help the Shelter dogs.

  • $100 provides diagnostic and medical care for one dog.
  • $70 contributes to the cost of a cast for one injured Shelter dog with a broken leg.
  • $35 pays for one day of Infirmary Care for a recovering dog.
  • $25 covers the cost of x-rays for an injured Shelter dog.
  • $10 helps stuff a Kong with yummy treats and cure a little boredom for one Shelter dog recuperating on cage rest.

Your donation, at whatever denomination, will make a difference in the lives of these sick and injuredShelter dogs waiting for permanent homes.

You may also mail checks payable to Friends of the Shelter at P.O. Box 307450, Columbus, OH 43230.

Support Friends of the Shelter

With continued support from the community, Friends of the Shelter is able to fund the medical care of approximately 350 dogs every year! Watch a video about Friends of the Shelter.