Sponsor a shelter dog by making a donation to us and adding a frame to their listing

You can honor someone special to you while helping to save the life of a Shelter dog. Make a $35 donation towards Friends of the Shelter, and we will proudly display your name or dedication of your choice on the photo of a dog currently looking for a forever home...a life YOU have helped save. We will display your dedication in a frame around your chosen dog on the Franklin County Dogs Website. Be a Friend to a Shelter Dog—choose a frame below.

selective focus photography of short-coated brown puppy facing right side

Before you start...

This page is specifically for sponsoring adoptable dogs by making a donation to Friends of the Shelter then adding a frame to their adoption listing.

If you have questions about an adoptable dog at the Franklin County Dog Shelter, please use the Shelter's Contact Us page to contact the Shelter.

Step 1. Select your dog and customize your frame

If you don't know which dog you want to sponsor, go to https://dogadoptions.franklincountyohio.gov/ to find a dog to sponsor and add their name below along with any custom message you'd like to add to the frame.  Once you've submitted this form, you'll move on to Step 2 below to select and purchase your frame.

Thank you for selecting a dog to sponsor!

Now, please complete step 2 below by selecting and purchasing your frame.

Before you select your frame and make a donation in Step 2 below, please make sure you submitted the form above with your dog and message

Step 2. Select your frame and make your donation

Friends of the Shelter frame


In Loving Memory


Paw Print design


Wildlife design


Tie Dye design


In Celebration Of (Dog/Person)


Snow Day!


Valentine's Day


Happy Easter