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Each year, Friends of the Shelter funds over $150,000 in medical care for sick and injured dogs at the Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center. These innovative medical programs made available to the shelter dogs are not funded by local tax dollars. The medical bills are funded by Friends of the Shelter, an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit organization. The programs that directly aid our Shelter dogs are financially dependent on Friends of the Shelter and generous individuals like you who help us help our community’s innocent, homeless dogs.

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PupArt sponsorship levels

$2,000+: Georgia Bow'Keefe 
$1,000: Andy War-howl  
$750: Salvador Doggie
$500: Marc Dog-all
$250: Pup-lo Picasso
$150: Edgar Dog-as
$100: Jackson Pup-lock
$75: Claude Mutt-et
$50: Roy Lick-tenstein

5K for K9s sponsorship levels

$2,000+: Elite Sponsor
$1,500: T-Shirt Sponsor
$1,000: Paws Premier
$500: Dog's Best Friend
$250:  Pooch's Pal
$100: Lap Dog

See more information about 5K for K9s sponsorship benefits at 

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